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HVAC Maintenance Plan In Tampa, FL

HVAC Maintenance Plan In Tampa, Clearwater, FL, And Surrounding Areas

Peace of Mind and Savings: Your HVAC Rewards Membership

Stay comfortable year-round and save money with our comprehensive HVAC Rewards Membership!

Here’s what you get:

  • 18 Point Furnace or Heating System Precision Tune-up and Cleaning:  ‘At No Additional Cost!’ to keep you warm during those chilly winter nights.
  • 26 Point A/C Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning: Your rewards membership includes at no cost a thorough 26 Point AC Precision Tune-up and Professional Cleaning of your air conditioning system, Our certified service technician will get you home ready for summer.
  • Attic/Crawlspace Efficiency and Safety Analysis: Your Rewards Membership includes a thorough attic analysis to inspect your insulation levels, and ductwork and check all systems for leaks.
  • 24-Hour Repair Response Time: As a Rewards Member, upon request, we guarantee 24-hour repair response time. If we are unable to accommodate your request and repair (s) needed during the visit, we will do our best to bring you a portable AC unit to cool one room.
  • Priority Installation: As a Rewards Member, upon request, if your A/c and or Furnace system needs to be replaced, we will provide you with priority service within 24 hours of a permit being pulled
  • Guaranteed Service Window: As a Rewards Member, we know your time is valuable, so we’ll guarantee our arrival to service your system within a 2-hour window.
  • Transferable Plans: As a Reward Member, we are happy to serve you. If you move, you can transfer your membership to your new home (if in our service area or you can transfer your payment credits to the new homeowner- a nice extra to offer prospective buyers.
  • Diagnostic Charge: As a Reward Member, the diagnostic fee will be $0. You save $105.
  • Repair Discounts: As a Reward Member, you’re guaranteed 10% off all repairs!
  • Indoor Air Quality Discounts: As a Reward Member, you’re guaranteed 10% off all indoor air quality products!
Rewards Terms & Conditions
This Rewards Annual Membership with FL HVAC Team will AUTOMATICALLY RENEW for one-year terms at the end of your current membership year unless you choose to cancel prior to the renewal or your Rewards Membership is canceled, terminated, or discontinued by you or the FL HVAC Team. 
Your method of payment will continue to be charged as the rates are then in effect at the time of the renewal. You are required to notify the FL HVAC Team immediately of any change in your name, billing address, service address, email address, telephone number, credit card, bank, or other account information.
Your Rewards Annual Membership entitles you to a wide range of attractive benefits, including priority service and discounts. Eligibility for your Rewards discount is contingent on your Rewards Membership having been in good standing for at least six months. Included in your membership is one Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning each year/season (prior to summer). We will attempt to contact you via e-mail, mail, or telephone to schedule your free maintenance or you can contact us directly anytime to schedule your appointment. If you fail to take advantage of these benefits during your Annual term, these twice Annual Tune-up benefits are lost for the applicable Annual period and have no monetary value. Each Precision Tune-Up must be performed before the end of each season (summer and winter). If you fail to take advantage of these benefits, these Precision Tune-Ups and Professional Cleanings have no monetary value and are not a contractual component of this agreement.
Rewards Billing
The first monthly payment is collected at the time of your service. After that, monthly payments for your Annual Membership will be collected on the 15th date of every month.

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Extended Parts and Labor Warranty***: As a Reward Member, the original warranty on any FL HVAC Team repairs) performed today or while a Rewards Member is extended for 10 years as long as you remain an uninterrupted Rewards Member.
50% of Rewards payments credited towards any new equipment installation. As long as you remain an uninterrupted Rewards Member, 50% of your Annual fees may be applied towards the cost of an FL HVAC Team:
  1. Complete system replacement,
  2. A complete system replacement with ductwork, insulation, or radiant barrier replacement, or
  3. A partial system with ductwork, insulation, or radiant barrier-only replacement.
25% will be applied for:
  1. Partial system replacement or
  2. Ductwork, insulation, or radiant barrier-only replacement
  •  Warranty excludes compressors, heat exchangers, coils, and refrigerant leaks. No monetary value.
  •  Rewards Annual Membership must stay current. 
  • This applies to equipment and or/ductwork, insulation, and radiant barrier purchased from FL HVAC Team.
  • Rewards credits are not available for repairs.